Seducing a Capricorn Man — Effective Tips

seducing a Capricorn man picture
seducing a Capricorn man picture

Thinking of seducing a Capricorn man? Have you met a Capricorn man you like and want to understand how to get a Capricorn man?

It is completely normal: a serious man who loves stability, he is not very inclined to crazy and superficial evenings. If you’ve encountered it in these latter conditions, you’ve been lucky and you won’t have to expect this to reproduce every week. Even if the Capricorn, from time to time, knows how to relax and loves to be able to totally escape his usual seriousness, this remains quite exceptional.


Capricorn is first of all concerned about his job, his future, what he will bequeath to others, and how he can be useful to society.

Often this happens because of his great commitment, which he takes to heart and for which he gives his best to make absolutely no mistakes, and even to do more than what is expected of him. A bit of a perfectionist, Capricorn has its own organization to be able to meet their deadlines by doing things right at the same time.

Oh yes… .for this reason, Capricorn is a bit of a couch potato. If he goes out, he does it mostly to get educated or for a quiet drink with friends he knows are interesting.

He has no time to waste on trivial things.

However, once he is with people he trusts, he becomes another man: cheerful, funny, and even playful. When he gets along well with a person, he lets him access the totality of his personality: as well as a hard worker, he is also a man who loves life and knows how to enjoy it in his own way.


So you will have to prepare for a big change: once you are able to establish a climate of trust, between you will never be the same. But you will have some way to go before you get there. Capricorn needs time to start a relationship.

He’s not the kind of person who collects one-night stand adventures and won’t expect your first dates to necessarily end at one of you. First of all, he needs to feel confident in you. It is crucial for him.


To seduce him and conquer him you will therefore have to be patient and not treat him too abruptly.

But don’t avoid showing him how you feel, or he’ll walk away from you. To seduce him, you don’t have to become his copy. The famous “who looks like you take” absolutely does not work with a Capricorn.

He is looking for a person who can act as a link between him and the outside world that he is not used to being around. So, don’t hesitate to suggest that he go out for a coffee. Then to a bar with concerts… go there step by step, so as to let him discover new things little by little. He’s a couch potato, but he’s not closed-minded.

Seduce a Capricorn man with sweetness

On the other hand, there will be certain times when, despite all your efforts, you will not be able to get him out: he is very busy at his job and he needs it to feel reassured, recognized, and fulfilled.

Because despite everything he is a sensitive man who is not at all sure of himself. The work offers him concrete results through which he feels rewarded. Then respect this need and don’t hesitate to show him the affection you feel towards him to reassure him.

The Capricorn man, even if at first glance he may seem cold, is actually a man full of love to give, to be exchanged with the person he deems trustworthy. It’s all about being able to make him understand that that person is you. Because as a protective measure he does not leave easy access to his heart.

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Seducing a Capricorn Man — Effective Tips by Theresa Alice

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