Should I Tell My Ex I Miss Him

should I tell my ex I miss him image
should I tell my ex I miss him image

You’ve been rejected by your ex and you’re wondering ‘should I tell my ex I miss him’. The question is also asked by men ‘do I have to prove to her that I miss and love her’.

It’s always a tricky question because everything depends on the relationship and the situation you were in just before the breakup. You should always be very careful in your declarations of love and in any case, never be begging or sentimental.

You don’t know how your ex handles this. You have a good chance that your ex will feel very uncomfortable if you say that you miss and love him or her. But I understand that you somehow want to prove to your ex that you love him, even if you’ve been rejected. You will need to have a clear plan like choosing the right timing, the right non-verbal attitude, the right voice and the right place to declare your love.

Should I Tell My Ex I Miss Him

First show that you still love your ex through your attitude and actions

Maybe your friends say you should definitely let your ex know that you still love him or her, but really, we recommend that you be careful with this. You shouldn’t think about it if you get slapped in the face again. Because your ex does not know what to do with your declaration of love, your ex may say “sorry, but my feelings are gone. You have nothing to love me ”

In any case, tell your ex that you can certainly love him/her even if your ex no longer wants to continue with you. In that case, say “I can certainly love you, even if my love is not reciprocated. You got a place in my heart one fine day and I would like to keep it because I am grateful for everything you have done and done for me. That alone is worth loving you ”

Whenever you see your ex again, don’t forget to show your prettiest smile and make eye contact. Let every moment be a nice positive moment and make sure you can have a relaxed conversation.

Prove to your ex that you love him through a handwritten letter

Your ex can also discover another side of you through the letter: your romantic side. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and don’t make the letter too long. Short powerful sentences have the most effect. Tell your ex that his / her happiness is the most important. What better way to show your love for your ex?

Also show in your letter what you are doing, that you feel responsible for the break, but that you don’t feel like getting old cows out of the ditch again and again. Tell them that from now on you want to focus on the future, and on everything that is possible. Was there a conflict just after the breach? Tell your ex that you are open to resolving that so that both of you can feel tidy and keep positive memories about your relationship.

Don’t call your ex to say you miss (or love) him

If you are unsure about your ex’s feelings for you and ask your ex about your feelings, say that you want to talk openly and honestly about your feelings, but not over the phone.

In any case, reassure your ex if he or she continues to ask by saying that you don’t want scenes on the phone and that you would appreciate it if you could have another conversation about this.

Show that you love your ex by respecting his desire

What do we mean by this? Your ex is not sensitive to your sudden behavioral changes after the breakup. Why not? Because you don’t seem credible. You always appear more credible if you have also taken the time for yourself.

In any case, never go beg your ex to give you another chance. That’s not proof that you love your ex, but it has more to do with showing yourself as an emotionally dependent person.

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