Signs a Man is Emotionally Attached to You

signs a man is emotionally attached to you image
signs a man is emotionally attached to you image

Looking for signs a man is emotionally attached to you? Instead of looking for signs, why don’t you try to Arouse Emotional Attraction In Men?

It is the secret male obsession for the right answer to a man’s heart. When you discover all the techniques, you will be able to make the guy of your liking feel the strong desire for you which is truly powerful. You’ll end up being an important part of your man’s life. Continue to read here

Signs a Man is Emotionally Attached to You

It is a common complaint from women who are in the dating phase of their lives.

They would like to find a nice relationship. But all the men they encounter …

… Are slightly more interested in the carnal lusts than on the romantic side of the story.

And that can drive some women insane.

How Chantal learned to attract men emotionally

Chantal was a 25-year-old woman I knew when I was still living in Friesland. Then I was at the beginning of my dating coach career. I was only four years old.

Chantal told me she found it very difficult to find men who liked her for who she was.

She always came across that there was a lot of scratching for a while, but that this was over after a few months.

She was eager to find a man to start a relationship with. A man who could take care of her, make her laugh and share the rest of her life with.

Chantal was already doing a lot of things right

She went out with several men and knew what she was looking for. She was also not desperate at all. Just a very normal, nice woman.

In fact, Chantal was at the top of the dating pool.

I think any man should be lucky to call her his wife. She did a good job, drove a nice car, was very attractive and also had a nice life.

The number 1 mistake Chantal made in finding a nice man

Still, she struggled to hook the right guy. Or rather: to bind the nice men she met for a longer time.

Because being able to flirt or have good conversations is not the most important thing when it comes to finding a good relationship.

No, it is much more important what you do after this phase.

And in this article, I will explain to you five tips that you need to do to attract a man emotionally.

Are you reading with me?

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There is a difference between a man who wants you emotionally or physically.

Men are extremely opportunistic. When we see a beautiful woman, we want to sleep with her.

Even though we don’t like her …

… or even stupid.

I know, I know.

All prejudices about men are proven by this. I don’t blame you if you think it’s a little flat.

Need voodoo?

But scientific research shows that men fantasize about 70% of the women they encounter on the street. That means they are constantly wondering “ if they would do her .”

If you know how to use this to score a nice guy, that’s very good. Most women don’t really know how to flirt and are very dependent on the men who come at her.

So if you take initiative in that: very good.

But if you want a relationship with such a man, you will have to do some voodoo to make sure that he is also attracted to you emotionally.

What people forget when they say you have to be yourself

When people give advice about relationships, they do it from their limited perspective.

The average Dutchman has only had a few relationships. And as a dating coach, I’ve seen thousands pass by.

Very often I hear someone say that it is important to be yourself. And that’s right. Play a role? Nobody is happier in a relationship. Not your partner, but neither are you.

But if you just met, you are never completely yourself. You turn on other aspects to make you look more attractive. You cannot drop it all at once when you start a relationship, because then the tension goes away.

Men do this as hard as women

We pretend to be tougher, stronger and more intelligent than we are. We want to be your best partner ever, but we have no idea how. And we don’t know how to ask.

So we do something. Hoping for the best. And when we get anywhere, we are very surprised.

So if you think, “ I just have to be myself.

Then you don’t understand that most men don’t participate in this.

We are not ourselves because we want to be the best possible version of ourselves. We compete with ourselves and our friends to be the best possible partners for our women.

So we are very busy with what you think of us. So much that we take everything you do too exaggerated. That means you have to adjust the way you communicate. Because a man will exaggerate everything you do.

How he doesn’t see you as a free-range

In the coming tips, I’m going to teach you how to make him interpret you as a woman who is genuinely interested. And not a woman who just wants a free-range, and nothing else.

Because that’s what happens if you don’t take into account the huge ego that men usually have. It’s easier than you think, and it gives you huge savings.

And don’t think there are any exceptions to this rule. Literally all men have this ego thing. They are men for that.

And to help you deal with that properly, I am going to explain what you should not do.

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It is very strange. But men take everything too literally.

So if you pretend you’re not interested in us …

… then we think you are not interested in us.

Instead of reading between the lines, we look at the cover of the book and leave it nice and closed. And if we were already reading it, let’s just drop it out of our hands.

Why playing hard to get doesn’t work

Men like strong, independent women. And that’s where the idea of the hard-to-get play comes from. Women’s magazines pushed this a lot in the 90s and 00s because it sounds so good.

But the reality is that men need something different. And that if you only act cold and distant and do not hear from you, you can count on him to get bored.

A man will not be interested in putting effort into you if you behave that way.

It is then easier to go for someone who is less complicated. Which makes you “ more expensive ” than the other women he might flirt with.

There is another extreme, which does not make a man emotionally attracted either.

And that is if you constantly show how you feel.

Suppose you continuously let him know that you like him. For example:

  • By responding very quickly when he sends you a message.
  • By happily running towards him and hugging him when you see him.
  • By doing things for him and pampering him.
  • By posting messages in love on Facebook.

In this way, you leave nothing to his imagination. He knows you like him already.

It stops the train

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And thus the train of his ego comes to a complete stop.

You would think they would be happy if they find a woman who can let go of their insecurity. And relax.

But the opposite is true. In practice, it makes men very unhappy.

He will not know what is good for you, because the effort he puts into you is not comparable to the result he gets out of it.

If you are constantly happy and treat him nicely without doing anything special, he will take you for granted.

And the chance that he does nice things for you, or gives you attention, is greatly reduced.

The golden mean

I’m going to teach you two things below.

  1. The first is how you find the happy medium between playing hard-to-get and always telling how you feel.
  2. The second thing I teach you is a bit of basic psychology about the man.

I could also tell you things that men want inwardly with a woman, and what they like about a woman’s appearance. But I think it would be more convenient if I drop the details for the bigger picture. Because if you do these two things right, you will have a nice relationship in no time.

Have you ever had a man treat you like this?

  • One day he was in love, the other day he wanted to go back to his ex.
  • He will text or text you with some regularity, but at random times. Sometimes you don’t hear from him for days.
  • You don’t really know what it is like when it comes to making appointments. Sometimes he cancels things, sometimes he comes back, sometimes he lets it go on.
  • If you go on a date with him, you have no idea how cozy it will be. Only after the date can you realize that something you did made him like you less.

These men unconsciously create tension by not only behaving happily but also not acting cold or aggressive.

It is exactly in between. That balance ensures that you are undoubtedly unsure.

But this is exactly what men want for themselves.

What men have in common with gambling addicts

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When you look at what’s going on behind the scenes, a casino does a lot to get people to come back as often as possible.

For example, what they do is let people win in the beginning. Once people have won, the chance that they bet more increases.

And then they start to lose. And is all their money for the casino.

People develop superstitions because of uncertainty. Things like:

  • Whenever I clap my hands when the ball is on the table, I win at roulette.
  • I often have a lucky hand with clubs.
  • Once you get it right, you shouldn’t stop gambling.

This is because there is arbitrariness.

There is a percentage that you win and a percentage that you lose over a lot of gambling. And that remains the same over many turns.

But if you look at clusters of 50 turns, you see that people generally lose more or win more. It’s not somewhere in the middle — at least most of the time. As a result, people mistakenly think they have something special, which means they constantly win.

How you can use this to attract men emotionally

So if you want to make a man want you emotionally, make sure you give him mixed signals.

  • Show him that you long for him …
  • … And then don’t respond for three days.
  • Go to bed with him on the first date…
  • … and let him go home alone on the second date.
  • Be on a date cool and distant …
  • … And show you your sweetest and most caring side on the next date.

In this way, a man has the opportunity to constantly “ rediscover ” you.

He gets the feeling that he is dealing with a special woman here. And that, purely because of his male skills, he has more control over her than anyone else.

Why else would such a capricious woman want to date him?

Why this trick works so well

You stimulate his ego every time. With a small rejection, or getting less than he wanted, you will see that he is going to work harder. His ego does not allow him to run away.

As a result, he will be much happier every time you behave sweetly. While if you’re happy by default, this isn’t special to him at all. And he will drop out soon.

Because let’s be:

If you were dating someone who is happy all the time. And that is completely predictable. Wouldn’t you shrug your shoulders at some point?

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The first step was to attract him with capriciousness. The second step is to give him what he needs in a relationship . If you can do this well, you will see that the interest of men increases exponentially.

There are four areas you can focus on:

Area 1: Respect and appreciation

I’ve mentioned this before. Men want to feel that they are the strongest man on earth. Even if it is not true, they like to believe in the illusion.

Who are you to burst their bubble?

If you find it necessary to make a man feel that he is not as strong as you thought, sooner or later you will get into trouble. And if you really want to make a man fall in love with you, you will have to choose to stir up that arrogance every now and then.

Make him feel that you respect him when he takes the lead. That he knows what is best for him, even if he is wrong. That you will never get in his way when he takes the lead.

Area 2: A permanent role in the relationship

If you want a man to be emotionally attracted to you, you will have to give him a job.

Something he can return to regularly and has the feeling to add something to your life.

Most men want an independent woman, but they also want a woman who makes them feel like a man. And if there’s nothing he can help you with, chances are he’ll stick around for a long time.

Area 3: In the bedroom

Whether by dirty talk or by knowing what men find exciting in bed. If you know how to keep it active in the bedroom, you have an edge over the women who get rid of it easily.

Men don’t talk about this (because they don’t want to hurt women), but good sex is hard to find.

That is why it is important to learn what men like and give it to them when they need it.

Because if you are the only woman so good in bed, he can’t help but long for you.

Area 4: Rest

This is something a man needs even more than support. He wants to feel like the strongest man on earth.

But when he does, he needs time to recover.

It may sound strange, but men can never be completely themselves in front of women. They need other men to understand that. Or the silence of their garage. Or the other place where they retreat.

Some men do that in front of the TV or behind the computer. Others do it in a sports club, or in a bar with their friends.

Whatever the case, as soon as you start treating that time as sacred, you will see that a man’s interest in you is increasing enormously.

It makes me curious when a woman follows his judgment.

It is the secret male obsession for the right answer to a man’s heart. When you discover all the techniques, you will be able to make the guy of your liking feel the strong desire for you which is truly powerful. You’ll end up being an important part of your man’s life. Continue to read here


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Signs a Man is Emotionally Attached to You by Theresa Alice

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