Stages of Getting Back Together With an Ex

stages of getting back together with an ex image
stages of getting back together with an ex image

What are the stages of getting back together with an ex? You can get back your ex after going through these 3 stages within half a year. Let’s read on…

Your relationship is over. That is of course not a nice thing, but that is just how it often goes in love. But what makes it even sourer is that you may have the idea that your relationship shouldn’t have ended at all.

In such a case, trying to win back your ex can be a good plan. However, this is easier said than done, because how on earth do you do something like that? In this article, you will find some tips that can help you with this. Although it is, of course, impossible to offer guarantees in the field of love, there is a good chance that if you follow these tips carefully, you will have a relationship with your ex again within six months.

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Phase 1: Assess the situation
Think about your feelings
Don’t have contact with your ex for a while
Phase 2: Restoring the contact
Work on yourself
Do something non-committal with your ex
Phase 3: Recover your ex
Immediately fix your breakup and get back in the arms of your ex
Phase 1: Assess the situation

Stages of Getting Back Together With an Ex

Stage 1: Assess the situation

If you really want your ex back, it might be tempting to jump right in on this. However, this is not smart. If you want to maximize your chances of success, it is best to think carefully about your relationship and the situation you are in now, so that you do not make hasty decisions.

Think about your feelings

Your relationship has just ended, so of course, you are a little less stable emotionally. There is a high probability that you will experience feelings such as sadness, despair, or anger. In fact, when you break up in a relationship, you end up in a kind of grieving process, in which you deal with a lot of strong emotions. However, these emotions don’t mean you really want your ex back.

It is therefore difficult to determine whether you should really try to get your ex back. Ultimately, of course, you know yourself best, so you will be able to interpret your emotions best, but your emotions can also fool you in the initial phase. So take a moment to find out what your feelings really mean.

You can help yourself by asking questions such as do I miss this person, or do I miss having a relationship? Can I imagine a future with my ex? Did my ex actually make me happier? You can use these questions to determine whether you should try to reclaim your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

Don’t have contact with your ex for a while

During the period when you actually have to think about your situation, your feelings, and a possible future for your relationship, it is important that you do not have any contact with your ex. Seeing or speaking with your ex is likely to only cause confusion when you’re looking for clarity.

Moreover, you can also scare your ex in this way. If you’re the one who broke up, it can hurt your ex a lot if you tell them you want him or her right back afterward.

Your ex may then feel that you are playing with his or her feelings. However, if your ex has broken up, he or she will have thought it through carefully. If you immediately say that you want to come back to him or her, you probably come across as desperate.

So give yourself and your ex some time to get your feelings together, and try to be happy without your ex first. After about a month you can try to pick up the contact again. Have you been out of contact with your ex for more than six months? Then you can try to talk to your ex again.

Stage 2: Restoring the contact

If you’ve taken about a month to think about your situation, and you’re still convinced you to want to try to win your ex back, you will need to get back in touch with him or her.

But how do you do that best? How do you restore contact without scaring him or her? And how do you ensure that your ex is as likely as possible to fall in love with you again? Below are some tips for this. Also, read this article about getting in touch with your ex.

Work on yourself

Of course, you should not suddenly pretend to be a completely different person to win back your ex. Your ex probably knows you better than most people, so he or she will know if you impersonate someone else. Moreover, you do not want to rely on lies, so you better from the start just your relationship yourself stay .ex-back six months 4

What is important is that you show that you do your best to look good, without losing your own identity. You should show your ex that you are willing to make an effort for him or her to maximize the chance that he or she will give you another chance.

Perhaps the most important thing is that you keep working on your confidence. Of course, you want to look attractive to your ex, and the chances are that your ex will fall on you again if you always behave insecure and sad in his or her neighborhood. In addition, it is also positive for you, of course, not to fully deduce your self-esteem from having a relationship.

While it may sound superficial, it’s also important to put some work into your appearance. That seems strange since your ex has known you for a long time and therefore already knows whether he or she finds you attractive, but that is precisely why this is important. Your ex is used to how you normally look, so if you still want to stand out, you will have to put extra effort into your appearance.

For example, buy new clothes that are a little different from what you would normally wear, get a new haircut, or go to the gym a bit more often.

A good tip is to think about which traits your ex always liked about you, and try to make these traits a little more prominent. For example, if your ex thought you were funny, go the extra mile to often come up with fun jokes and comments. This is how you show your ex that you are still the person he or she fell in love with.

Do something non-committal with your ex

You will have to slowly rebuild contact with your ex, and in the beginning, you will have to rebuild your friendship. You’ll have to keep things a bit more light-hearted at first, so it’s smart to meet up with your ex a few times in a casual, laid-back atmosphere, and do something unrelated to romance.

Mutual friends are ideal for this. If you go for a drink or go to the movies with several people, including your ex, it is clear to your ex that you do not want to impose yourself on him or her. Your ex doesn’t feel compelled to hang out with you, and in most cases, you will see that he or she is more likely to start talking to you again.

Over time, you can slowly make conversations a little more intimate. For example, start with a nice memory from the time you were in a relationship, a shared memory of the two of you. For example, your ex may unconsciously start thinking about you in a different way, and he or she will probably be more open to a new relationship later on. On the basis of the reactions of your ex, you can see whether you should become even more intimate, or whether you should wait a bit longer.

Stage 3: Recover your ex

When your friendship has deepened again, it is time to put on the naughty shoes and ask him or her back. While I understand that this is just about the scariest part of this whole process, don’t give up now, not now that you’re so close. With the tips below, there is a good chance that your ex will say yes after six months!

The most important thing is that you have this conversation face to face, so not over the phone, for example. Choose a place where you used to like to come and invite your ex for a chat. To maximize the chances of your ex giving you another chance, it’s also smart to wear an outfit he or she always liked or to wear something you got from him or her. That’s how you start convincing before you have said a word.

Weigh your words carefully. Do not immediately drop the door, but first, ask how your ex is doing. Show interest in him or her. Then, if you want to ask the big question, acknowledge all the mistakes you think you made in the relationship, and indicate how you want to do something about those mistakes.

Hopefully, with these tips, you could win your ex back after six months. If you’ve managed to get the love of your life back to you, don’t think your job is done. You will have to keep working on your relationship if you want it to succeed in the long run. Your ex gave you a second can. It is now up to you to take this chance count!

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