Sure Ways on How to make Virgo Man Miss You

how to make Virgo man miss you image
how to make Virgo man miss you image

Want to know how to make Virgo man miss you? Are you not sure how he feels if you’re not around? How do you be confident that he misses you when he’s not together with you?

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How to make Virgo man miss you?

Below are a few tips to aid you:

Provide Him Time to Miss You
One thing to keep in mind is: it’s difficult to miss somebody if they’re often around. Your Virgo man probably will need a little private space anyway. Provide him some time to himself without having to put stress on him.

Keep in mind that he likes a female that’s independent and doesn’t need to be with him all of the time. Devote some time and have fun with your friends and family.

Allow him to do the exact same with his family members and/or buddies. This can build trust and the capability to be separate without problems that come between both of you. Develop an understanding of being apart.

Love usually will grow fonder if there’s some space place between. Healthy space is beneficial however, not an excessive amount. When you respect each other’s space, you will make a Virgo male miss you.

Display Your Independence to him
Besides going out by yourself without him, demonstrate to him in different ways that you don’t specifically NEED him. Pay your own bills, earn your own money, and look after yourself. When you demonstrate that you don’t need him in this way, you will make him miss you.

He’ll still desire to look after you because it’s in his characteristics. But if you appear needy; it’s going to turn him off.

The Virgo male won’t appreciate a clingy girl either. If you need to get in touch with him at the hip when he is doing something or goes someplace; this can appear like pressure to him.

The worst thing he desires is pressure in his life. He stays away from drama just like the plague. He needs to determine that you WANT him instead of NEED him. They’re 2 different feelings.

Text Him Sexy Messages or Photos
Take a sexy photo, which makes a Virgo male miss you. But, he doesn’t like his girl as being too risqué but instead sexy with style. Tell him to enjoy a fantastic day. A lot of women become upset when they text their Virgo constantly and at some time, he ceases replying.

Understand that he may be occupied or he may simply not feel like replying. Offer him a little space.

If you wake up each morning it’s alright to text him “Have an awesome day!” and after that leaving it at this. He probably will reply to you. He’ll tell you if he wants to chat more than that.

When he does not reply, it simply means he doesn’t have the time as he’s occupied or perhaps he’s simply worn out and not in the mood to talk.

You can sometimes make some sexy comments too. Do not be vulgar however; he does not like this. Although the guy can make erotic jokes occasionally; he loves his girl with more discipline.

Permit him to utilize his imagination generally. He’s capable at it and he’s more likely to reward you in some manner when he meets you.

Making Phone Call
Virgo man likes to chat on the telephone more than he likes to text. So if he calls, ensure it is memorable.

Speak about meaningful things, your interests in life, likes and dislikes, and so on. He is the kind of man that wants to TALK.

Don’t just talk about yourself; permit him to ask you questions or you can ask him questions. It is important to keep the talk flowing.

Make it count when you phone him to talk. He’ll start to miss you and desire to see you.

Do not Force Him
Remember that you can’t MAKE a Virgo male do anything. He usually will love chasing after you if you make yourself less available; he’ll love it.

When I state let him chase you; I am talking about allowing him to lead the talk, allow him to determine when both of you should talk, and just how the relationship should flow. Though not with you; you’ll be inside his thoughts. It might not seem to you as if he misses you however, if you’re in his head then this usually does mean that he’s missing you.

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