Sweet Text Messages To Make Him Fall In Love

sweet text messages to make him fall in love picture
sweet text messages to make him fall in love picture

Looking for sweet text messages to make him fall in love? Love… butterflies flying, eyes burning, candlelight dinners walks hand in hand… That’s the thought of us women when we’re falling in love for the first time.

Yes, it doesn’t matter if it is the third time or the tenth time, passion is always a new thing. And it makes us dream. However, these euphoric, unique, indescribable feelings, despite being cute and charming, should not be shared with a guy without having him fall in love with you.

In short: you cannot make plans for the future with a guy, just because you are in love, without first knowing that he is in yours, as much as you are in his.

And this is where these text messages come into play. They can help you make him fall in love with you. There is no need to copy them, just customize them to suit your personality. Check out!

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First of all: Reread your message before sending

And not just once. But two, three, four times before. You may think there is no mistake in your message, but the more certain you are about the clarity of your words, the less likely it is to be misinterpreted. And more: impeccable spelling. You don’t want to ruin your chance to win him over, do you? Keep that in mind, and you will have a powerful text message.

Second: Avoid sending boring messages

If you want to know how to talk to a guy and make him fall for you, learn to send impeccably well-crafted messages, instead of normal and useless messages. For example, when you just say “hi” or “what are you doing?” in addition to making you look bored, it will also make him bored. Remember, it is impossible to be sexy being normal. So, if you want to keep it at full throttle with you, be a log fire by sending only messages that get you excited.

Sweet Text Messages To Make Him Fall In Love

# 01 “I’m Thinking of You”

Now, why send a text message to a guy saying you’re thinking about him? Simply to let him know that you are thinking of him. Yes, really simple, isn’t it? But, no matter how simple that message is, the effect it has is deeper and stronger than you might think.

You see, you can’t demand that a guy think or like you, but you can make your image pop in your mind, making him smile every time he looks at his phone. So, in this way, slow but true, you will tie his heart to you. And for this effect to occur accurately, see two examples of text messages about “I’m thinking about you”.

“Hey, I was here listening to Spotify and suddenly a song played that made me think of you … I missed you.”

“Thinking of you and your kisses … crazy to see you later.”

Simple, subtle, but it has a big impact on a man’s mind.

# 02 “Will for You”

But that does not mean that you must give yourself to him through some dirty texts to please him or send nudes to drive him crazy. The secret is that you use the warmth of your instincts through the right words. In short: you need to create a special tension between you and him, and thus, make the whole thing go up in flames.

For example, let’s say you love when he touches and kisses a specific part of your body, but personally, you don’t have the heart to say so. And a hot text message is just that, it is encouraging you to show him — through a digital fantasy — how much you like how he explores your body. Therefore, details are very important at these times, because the better and clearer you describe what you like him to do to you, the more your image will roll in his mind, making him crazy and wild to love you.

Example of a hot message:

“Something about me vibrates with a desire for you every time I think of your lips on my body. You know him so well… ”

This is a text message that will make him dream of you.

# 03 “I love yours …”

For example, if your guy has an attractive physique, or if he is an expert in his profession, or simply if he is caring in a way that you like, tell him that. Not in an obvious way, but in a way that he feels special and loved. If he has green eyes, for example, you will not say that he has the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen. He’s probably tired of hearing that. However, if you say something like:

“I love how your eyes light up when you smile. They seem to get even greener … ”


“I love it when you wear that shirt, you look so sexy in it.”


“You have a way with your hands, wow, I get crazy when I think of them.”

You have no idea, but descriptive compliments like that penetrate a man’s soul. Test and you will see. The secret is that you say something about your guy that he’s not used to hearing. That way, in addition to creating an intimate bond, it will caress your ego and make your heart race.

# 04 “You do me so well”

Remember something incredible that your man did for you, maybe a walk, a romantic date he prepared, an afternoon of film, a comforting word … anything he may have done to please you. It could have been last week, last month, or even the night before.

See these two examples:

“Thank you for all the things you have done for me. I don’t even know how I could be so lucky to have you ”.

“You were the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you for making me so happy!”

Messages like these will only make him feel appreciated and grateful for having a woman who is able to recognize the things he has done for you. He will feel so lucky that he will not hesitate to do more and more for you. For your happiness. Because he will know that he is being a hero in his life.

# 05 “When We Are Together…”

See this example:

“Do you remember the first time you took me home? It was so nice to me, I was so scared … you hugged me, then kissed me and said: “let’s make this work”. And look at what happened … I’m here, waiting for the time to be able to see you. I miss…”


“Do you remember the first time we stayed? You held me so tight, I felt your heart beating fast, mine was too. I think we wanted us to kiss soon … lol. PS It was the best kiss of my life. ”

These examples of text messages are so powerful that they make you and him connect at a deep level. However, you should only share the moments that really happened. If you invent something, anything — he will know and it will not be good for you. So be sure to write down a moment that happened and show him that you remember everything.


Make him go back to the scene you want to describe, using adjectives such as feel, touch, kiss, shudder, soft, wet, smell, color, heat, cold… all this will help to create a life for this magical moment that you lived and that you want to share with him. Remember, the more real, the more magical the effect of your message will be on your man.

Use these tips and you will have everything you need to get into his heart and make him fall in love with you! Good love!

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