Taurus Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

Taurus man and Cancer woman image
Taurus man and Cancer woman image

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman, if they get married, then for life. In this pair, both partners will be right. They strive to live steadily, calmly, and happily.

The exact personality traits you can “amp up” and cultivate so he totally falls for you (and the things you better down-play unless you want to see him go cold and never call you again).


Taurus man and Cancer woman: compatibility

Taurus and Cancer are the perfect matches. They are economical, love cleanliness, and comfort. Their commitment is calm, without storms and flashes. Taurus carefully goes to every relationship. He does not need volatile novels. It is sensible to be married.

He likes to spend all his time with his family, knows how to take care of it financially. Taurus cares about the future of children and the satisfaction of his wife. This man will always be support for his parents.

Cancer woman is suspicious, demands from her appearance look at the figure. She is picky about trifles, committed to the past, tied to some things.

Cancer women enchant a Taurus male with their femininity, intelligence, communication style, constant desire for well-being. This union will suit both as it has no enraged passions and strong emotions.

— — — — — — — — — — —

The Taurus is an earth sign controlled by Venus. Spring has arrived and that is also reflected in the character of the Taurus. This can be seen in the balanced mood he has in general, but also in the strong passion that he sometimes gives birth to.

A strong desire for love, accompanied by easy jealousy, but also a desire for the pleasures of life, are characteristics of their character. Quirkiness and pride quickly make them feel offended, and reconciliation is very difficult. The Taurus is also a bit stubborn and likes to criticize.

He is not easy to find good advice when he stares at something blind. A contradiction is not tolerated and he can get angry when he has his sights set on something. The Taurus is difficult to run over, jumping over everything if necessary. These qualities are based on distrust, deeply rooted in their soul, and the great care they exercise towards other people.

They are not grim, but tough and tenacious in pursuit of their goal. With calm consultation, they often successfully and persistently complete their affairs. Their zeal is well focused, so they cannot degenerate into restlessness and restlessness.

On the other hand, we find the other side of the coin is a strong tendency towards pedantry, dogmatism, and loneliness. The Taurus has excellent combination ability and sharp logic. He could go much further with this quality if he were more open to good advice. When it comes to setbacks, they have to learn from their own experiences.

Their pursuit is highly earthly, and they are strongly materialistic. For them, the possession of earthly goods is absolutely a prerequisite for domestic happiness. They easily find their way in business.

Their great organizational talent comes in handy for this, so that they can bring it to a certain level of prosperity and even acquire wealth and prestige. They cannot be called selfish because the thrift they practice is dictated only by their minds. They are serious and closed and very fond of comfort and pleasure.

The Taurus is helpful to his fellow man and under certain circumstances willing to share the concerns. Friendships are lasting, but in love affairs, the Taurus is changeable, because a strong sensual drive tempts him to passion.

The fact that the Taurus attaches great importance to good food and drink refers to the diseases that it can suffer from or that it is predisposed to. Sensitive in this regard are the neck, neck, lower body, and kidneys.

Hoarseness, swelling, diseases associated with cold sores, bronchitis are possible. Taurus likes hearty, sometimes greasy food; there is a certain risk in this. The food can, therefore, best be highly varied and light in the composition.

At a later age, a certain preference for laziness can occur; this leads to an increase in body weight. Sports would be appropriate here, but it requires certain willpower, which not every Taurus-born has.

The Taurus usually has great self-awareness, a strong will; they are persistent, tenacious, have strong stamina, and rely on quiet consultation. With him, however, everything is strongly concentrated on his own well-being and on as much carefree enjoyment of life as possible.

The sense of self often degenerates into imagination, pedantry, stubbornness, and stubbornness. The Taurus type is difficult to reconcile and is hateful afterward.

It also shows a certain reserve in expressing feelings. People do not easily expose themselves internally, they even tend to remain silent. The bull likes to avoid tricky questions: what I don’t see doesn’t exist, is his watchword. He needs certainty, firm ground under his feet, rejects uncertain experiments, and is strongly committed to further expanding what he has.

He likes to play safe. The Taurus type usually has a good memory and learns easily, has a lot of imagination and intuition. Despite a strong tendency to rest and ease, he still tends to practical activities and is often very useful. In general, he is sensitive, sentimental, and has a love for nature, science, and art.

Professions that suit the Taurus

The Taurus types prefer professions, where it comes down to even work with a certain responsibility for certain matters: such as administrations, finances, warehouses, museums, human resources, libraries, banks, money institutions, arts, and crafts workshops.

The food industry, paint chemistry, botany would also be beneficial, as would professions in the fashion, cosmetics and textile industries. The Taurus type is also suitable as a farmer, fruit and flower grower; and (especially women) nursery teacher, social worker, social worker, teacher.

The Taurus in association with others

The Taurus has strong earthly tendencies. What pleases him certainly does not leave him cold and indifferent. He, therefore, does not try to pretend to be in a different position. He is friendly and affectionate towards people with whom he has a close relationship; when his feelings, for whatever reason, chill, a relationship is severely broken.

In him lies willpower and desire, which is often suppressed in silence, until it is challenged, liberated; then this completely reduced force of the Taurus breaks out with the force of an explosion. However, they do not waste their strength; a strong stimulus is required to generate it. Once thoroughly agitated, they can become enraged and determined to be furious with wrath; like a wild bull — usually to the amazement of those who caused the attack.

The Taurus man has a pleasant character. He loves nature, money, and certain possessions. He also lets others live but wishes that he be allowed to rest. Nobody should dare to disturb the peace of a Taurus, especially at home.

For a successful and happy marriage, the Taurus type is best suited to those who have their sun in the sign of Virgo (Aug 24 to Sept 23) or Capricorn (Dec 22 to Jan 20). The Taurus type also harmonizes with those who have their sun in the sign of Cancer (June 22 to July 22) or in the sign of Pisces (Feb 20 to March 20). But again for the record, the above is with a wink

— — — — — — — —

Cancer zodiac sign is protective and patient. Cancer prefers not to make demands, but if they want something they can be quite convincing and tenacious. Although they prefer to express themselves non-verbally, Lobsters can be quite aggressive if they don’t get their way. Lobsters are emotional and often hide from the outside world. Cancer is very receptive to other people’s feelings and they are deeply touched by disappointment.

The Temperament of Cancer

Cancer is very difficult to let go. Confrontations rarely lead to violent outbursts, but Cancer continues to bicker. After a temporary truce, you don’t have to think that the disagreement has ended. Lobsters start to rake everything up again. The solution is to give Cancer the last word. Once Cancer understands that certain problems need to be solved, Cancer is fully committed.

The characteristics of a Cancer

The Cancer zodiac sign is often homey and they consider their home as a place to retreat. Lobsters can be very anxious about all kinds of causes, they can be afraid of being left without money or without friends. Lobster’s mood can change in no time. Suddenly they can be catty and cranky and just as quickly they are the sun in the house.

Cancer and Love

Cancer zodiac sign is very protective of others and also of itself. Cancer can take a long time to trust others. When they trust, they are loyal, loyal, and sincere. Cancer needs constant confirmation because they are so incredibly sensitive and insecure. Lobsters find family very important and give them a lot of attention and affection. Lobsters can take very good care of their families and also enjoy doing it.

The Cancer in a Relationship

The zodiac sign Cancer takes a relationship seriously if they fall for someone, they fall very hard. If they really feel something for you it can be very difficult to get rid of them again, they like to be in a relationship. Are things going well, dear, affectionate partners, are things not going well they can get moody and irritable and retreat into their shell. Lobsters are very self-protective and give loved ones a safe and secure feeling.

A Cancer Woman Dating

Decorate Cancer woman? Lobsters would like to be courted. Cancer woman is very picky and it is difficult to estimate if you are doing it right. They are quickly disappointed and confused because they are not very sure of themselves. Take a Cancer woman to something you are sure she will like. Ask if she feels like a concert, restaurant, or club and let her choose.

You may be wondering… Can the stars really help me capture my Taurus man? Is it really possible to get a Taurus man to chase you, even if your signs don’t seem really compatible?

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