Text Messages to Send to Your Ex Girlfriend

text messages to send to your ex girlfriend image
text messages to send to your ex girlfriend image

What text messages to send to your ex girlfriend is appropriate? Here 4 examples to initiate the contact.

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Text Messages to Send to Your Ex Girlfriend

What do you text your ex if the contact has been nil for a few days, or maybe a few weeks? You miss your ex and would you like to contact her again? That will certainly be the case if you have not had contact with your ex for some time, and especially if you have had a hard time during the period of radio silence. Hopefully, you have worked on yourself seriously during that period, and you have gained the necessary insight to know what to do if your ex tells you that she sees possibilities again.

So sending a text message seems like a good idea to break the period of radio silence and restore contact, but you are not sure how to best approach it. In this article, I will show you this by means of 4 examples of how you could possibly do this. I am not saying that it will work in all situations because every situation is also unique.

Especially if there has been no contact between you and your ex for some time, you will have to be extremely careful when choosing your words. When you send a text message for the first time, you will especially have to stimulate the curiosity of your ex and especially generate the sense to send something back. So your ex will have to have enough reasons to respond to your text message. The advantage of sending a text message or text message is that your ex can still read your message back.

That is why you should never hint in your message that you miss your ex very much and certainly you will not have to ask whether your ex has also thought of you.

What you could do, but only after you have sent a message arousing her curiosity, can you apologize very briefly but forcefully for your own behavior. But be careful not to go too long on that, even if your ex does. The point is to make it clear that you feel responsible for what happened and that you fully accept your ex’s decision.

This way, your chances are much higher than your ex will contact you after this first text message. After all, the ice has been broken since then and this first text message contact has been positive. So if you do it right, your ex will start to wonder what you think and do now that you come across as ‘different’. She will start wondering “what happened to him?”

It certainly won’t hurt if you let your ex know that you are curious about how she is doing. But make sure you ‘pack it’ properly. Example: «Hi! I just heard your favorite song on the radio and I suddenly thought about you. Remember when you… .. (you recall a positive memory). Hahaha, what did we laugh then say, I also hope you are doing well! »

This text message is relatively simple but very effective in showing your ex that you can still look back positively on the relationship, without any unpleasant feelings. This also immediately lowers the threshold and your ex will have less trouble contacting you after such a text message.

What are you texting to your ex if you are doing really well or if you have experienced something wonderful? In addition to the good message, you immediately link the good news to your grateful feelings towards your ex. Tell your ex that you are grateful to her for everything she has done for you during the relationship and that you have now discovered the positive impact it has on your life and the successes you are now achieving.

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Example “ I just passed …… and I am so happy !!. But of course, I also owe that largely to you. You never doubted me and always encouraged me. That you know this well. Thank you for all your good care. I am so happy !! “In such a message you radiate an incredible amount of enthusiasm and joy and you attribute that enthusiasm to the input of your ex. It couldn’t be better. After all, you caress the ego of your ex 😉

Maybe you happen to know that your ex experienced something bad? Do not hesitate to wish her strength, but do not fall into the trap of moping with your ex. On the contrary! Your enthusiasm and cheerful tone should start to infect your ex, making her long for your presence.

So wish your ex strength but also say that everything will be fine with her because you know how strong your ex is and that she will really get through this. You can safely tell your ex that you are thinking of her during this difficult time.

On the basis of these 4 examples, your question ‘What text messages to send to your ex girlfriend’ has hopefully already been answered.

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Why approach your ex by text message?

Perhaps your environment tells you that you have all the qualities to appeal to someone. After all, you are a nice guy. You look good. Your smile is heavenly, in short, nothing to complain about.

Yet. Now it’s all about impressing your ex, which is quite tricky. What do you do when there are tensions. You may ask yourself “what does my ex actually think of me? does she still find me attractive enough? intelligent enough? do I still like the character? and is it just those stupid quarrels or mere blunders that were the last straw and the reason for breaking up?

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In short, you feel so insecure about all these questions that you hardly manage to send a ‘not threatening, but’ cool ‘message.

One that your ex will think “so hey, how different this sounds than I am used to. Hmm, what should I answer? “

Actually sending text messages or WhatsApp messages back and forth is a psychological game.

How you mentally do it all determines your success in seducing your ex.

There are actually 4 reasons or earlier said ‘benefits’ why it is interesting to approach your ex per text message:

1. Seduction by text message is indirect

The top seducers in the world know better than anyone that to achieve results it is necessary to stay under the radar. In other words, you remain discreet with regard to your plans. In any case, this applies to the initial phase.

Once a text message is properly worded, it may even upset your ex. Your ex will wonder if your goal is to “seduce” her or if you are after just a nice chat.

Thanks to this form of communication, you can, therefore, create doubts. Your ex will not immediately understand what you actually intend. So you will have to be less direct and less predictable about your goal.

Imagine you walk on the street and you see a beautiful woman come by. She sees you, she sees how you look at her and she immediately thinks you want her number. She will never wonder “does he like me?” because she knows you already like her. After all, you take action.

But if you send a message according to the Push and Pull strategy, you can make it a bit insecure. You make her wonder all kinds of things, not only about you but also about herself. Because she is busy with all these questions in her head, she unconsciously attaches more and more to you.

The advantage of seducing remotely through a text message is that it is not about your non-verbal behavior at that time. Fine if you are a bit shy or you think you are not so charismatic. On the other hand, you may be very good at writing!

You can take the first step via a text message. After all, it is an accessible means of communication. Whether you are male or female, it is easier for both to take initiative.

2. An SMS is simply less intrusive

Seducing by text message has another advantage, which is that it appears less intrusive. Of course, you avoid continuously asking the same question again. Patience is a must here.

To ensure that you build good communication, you can think in advance about different topics that you can bring in. Think of what your ex finds interesting, what he or she is sensitive to or is happy about. Grab a pen and paper and write down some ideas. Be tactful and think of the right timing! More about this in the next point:

3. The correct timing for sending your SMS

On the one hand, you can say that you can send a message via WhatsApp or text message when it suits you, but sometimes it is important that you ensure correct timing. Here’s a good tip:

Don’t send messages to your ex if you know he or she is at a party or attending a special occasion.

This reduces the chance that your ex will answer your message.

So it is better that your message arrives if you are sure that your ex has a moment at that moment or if you have found out through the media that she has just experienced something fun. Your ex will also be in a better mood.

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If you are interested in how it was (and you know in advance that your ex will appreciate it), choose such a moment.

Of course, don’t panic as soon as you notice that your ex isn’t responding immediately. Don’t immediately think your ex is aloof. Show that you have patience and that you ‘don’t like it’ if you don’t get an immediate answer.

And what if your ex sends you a message in the middle of the night?

I’m sure you’ll be curious about what your ex is sending. If you received this message via WhatsApp and you look, your ex will see that you are online. Our advice: do not respond immediately. Now is the time to put your ex insecurity. Your ex will be wondering ‘why isn’t she reacting at such a weird moment now?’, And that’s exactly what you want to achieve!

If you don’t respond immediately, your ex will expect you to do it the next day. So make sure you don’t react until the next day. Preferably do that with a funny sentence that creates a lot of positivity. This can be a funny statement with which you immediately break the ice.

Don’t forget to add that you also had a very nice night 😉

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Text Messages to Send to Your Ex Girlfriend by Theresa Alice

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