Text Your Ex Back-Is It Possible?

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How to text your ex back? Love text messages seem like a smart way to win back your ex. With love text messages you expect to attract the attention of your ex in a sensible way and win him or her all over again.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy yet. It takes a lot more to reclaim your ex and I know this didn’t just happen overnight. To regain your ex you will have to fundamentally work on your relationship. Only then can you really make something of it again?

Attracting attention with love text messages may work for the short term, but nothing more.

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Text Your Ex Back — Love Text Messages To Quickly Recover Your Ex?

What does it work?

Love text messages, letters, and phone calls. It doesn’t seem to help and never help again. When you continuously contact ex and he or she not with you? Then this makes perfect sense.

Seen from both sides, a relationship must grow again. If one party does much better for this than the other party, the chance of success is small. When you send a signal, you have to wait for a response. If there is no response, it is best to wait longer. As long as possible until your ex takes action.

Getting your ex back is in some cases a game of waiting. Because when your ex no longer hears you, he or she becomes curious. After all, your ex wonders why you don’t let us hear from you anymore.

It’s good to be curious. Curiosity ensures that the relationship can flourish again and forms into what it once was. In order to arrive at new discoveries, there must first be peace and quiet for a long time.

Send signals

When there has been a long period of silence and rest, it is time to start sending signals. In this way, you can break the silence with, for example, a text message. Still, I advise against this. Calling is much more preferred for me.

Making a phone call may be a lot more exciting, but it’s more successful than a text message. By calling you immediately receive a response and ensure that your ex can only say yes.

After all, making a phone call should always aim to arrange a date again. By having real contact with your ex it is easiest to develop a relationship again and you will immediately see how to build again.


If Your Ex Send You a Text, What Messages are you going to send back?

You pick up your phone, unsuspectingly, and open your messages. And there is a text from your ex, but now you don’t really know what to do with it. You don’t know what to answer to this or even answer. What are the considerations to make?

Are you over him/her?

If your answer is yes, then it is, of course, a lot less difficult what you will send back. Of course, it remains unexpected, but you do not want anything from your ex and you are probably less interested in what he/she will think of your answer.

If you broke up as friends, it can be painful because you don’t want it to be more than that. On the other hand, it is probably not as if you never speak to each other again. This can be an advantage because it makes it easier for you to talk and you may be better able to say what you think. On the other hand, that also means that you meet each other more often and it can become uncomfortable (er).

If you broke up with a fight, you might not even feel like having contact with your ex. Then a message from him is also quite out of the blue. If your anger has not subsided, you may not be able to answer. When you are no longer angry, you can kindly let them know that you are not interested. You don’t have to feel guilty about this; you choose for yourself.

It is also possible that you were far from your ex. Then you probably don’t know what to do with a message from him or her. Your mind probably tells you not to, but because your feelings are still there, your heart wants something different. In this case, it is important to consider why you broke up and why he is now trying to contact you again.

If you broke up at the time, but you still have feelings for your ex, then this might be a good time to make amends and try again. Think carefully about this first. If either of you cheated, this is not a good idea. After all, confidence will not return soon. But if it was because you lived far apart and not anymore, then it is definitely worth it.

What will you send back?

He probably had to scramble up a lot of courage to dare to text you. It doesn’t hurt to let him sweat for a while. First, this gives you some time to think about it, and second, men generally like to hunt, not women who are easy to get.

So play a little hard to get, even if you still want him back and even though he was the one who dumped you and this was a scenario you never imagined.

If you can do it, be subtle. Answer a little vague, don’t give anything away. If you’ve just had a text saying, Hey, how is it. You can of course just answer; well with you? Even if it is not going well at all, that is not what he wants to know and that is not the signal you want to give, you just want him to think that you will be fine without him. With this message, you say so much more than just ‘good’. You also say that you are willing to have a normal conversation with him.

The conversation

This probably follows a conversation about cows and calves. How’s his brother, is that one colleague still so annoying, haven’t you forgotten your boss’s birthday this year, have you seen that one movie? This is fine. You don’t have to start talking about the break-up right away.

Keep it airy. Especially since you have to keep in mind that if you want something with your ex again, you want to continue a new relationship and not the old one. After all, that went wrong the first time.

However, you will have to discuss this at some point. But, don’t do this by text message. Rather agree on something. Preferably in a neutral environment, such as a lunchroom where both of you have never been. Don’t make it a date, just casual. Also, don’t take a place where you used to go, this will only be painful and bring up too many old irritations, and you just wanted to start over.

If it’s destined, you’ll be fine

Do not force, do not be afraid to raise your voice from time to time and do nothing you do not want to do. You don’t have to worry about going out all the time. On the other hand, it is also the intention that you fight a little for the relationship.

Many relationship problems can simply be solved. To discuss what bothered you in your previous relationship and try again. If it is meant to be good, then it will be good.

So do not immediately sit down if things go wrong, or if it seems like it is going the same way as last time. Talk about it and try to find a solution. That’s the only way you can make a relationship work.

And also keep in mind; if it is real love, it will all work out in the end. And if it is not, it is very unfortunate, but there are plenty of fish in the sea. You will eventually get over it.

Technique For Getting Your Ex Back in Your Arms…

Even Though You Think It’s Impossible, I’ll teach You How To Use This Technique To Compel Your Ex To Fall Back In Love With You Again… For Good!

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