What If He Doesn’t Contact Me During No Contact — Correct Use of Radio Silence

what if he doesn’t contact me during no contact image
what if he doesn’t contact me during no contact image

Wondering what if he doesn’t contact me during no contact? I receive daily messages by email or on Facebook, through which I am asked to explain how to use no contact with his ex. Often readers think that it is enough to disappear from the life of your former partner, but to summarize SR to that would be really reductive.

In fact, Radio Silence is a little-known technique in terms of both substance and form and this is the reason why I wanted to come back to it by detailing the most important aspects and in particular:

- How is Silence Radio characterized to get your ex back?

- What should you know about this technique that you think you know but which hides many secrets?

- When to use SR and when should it be avoided?

- Won’t cutting bridges for several days or weeks keep my ex away?

But before answering it, I would like to take the time to explain the Silence Radio technique and its objectives to you. It is important to know that before any action of regaining love, you must really ask yourself “Why are you carrying out this action?” “And above all” What will it produce in my ex? “. SR is a strong technique that will require effort and even sacrifice and it would therefore be a shame to use it improperly.

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What If He Doesn’t Contact Me During No Contact

When your ex makes the decision to break up, he inevitably finds himself in a situation of weariness because a separation is never the result of chance. So you have to try to understand what could have happened so that you get there and act as soon as possible to get back in the right direction.

To achieve Radio Silence is to fight this internal state of stress following the emotional shock caused by the separation, by immediately taking a distance. You will avoid making the main mistake, which is to suffocate your ex and be in demand because of the emotional dependence that arose during the breakup or even sometimes during the relationship. You will be able to prepare your reconquest in the best possible conditions.

The SR technique to get your ex back as I see him is to stop contacting your ex at all. You should therefore no longer be on the initiative of contacts, but this does not prevent you from responding to certain messages or calls from your ex depending on the situation.

In fact, in the majority of cases, there is no point in making a strict cut off from contacts because the objective of winning back is to relaunch communication and confidence in one’s relationship. If you are able to adopt the attitude of taking a distance, you will be able very quickly to define an effective action plan in order to act at the right time because you will have the necessary perspective to put in place the best possible strategy.

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Cut off contact with an ex: pay attention to what you may have read elsewhere!

I meet too many people in face-to-face coaching or even in telephone coaching who have read bad advice in articles available on websites other than mine and who say to me “I have been on Silence Radio for 6 months but I’m holding on ”.

My first response to this kind of talk is “WHY? », And I won’t hide from you that my coachees are quite surprised. If this is also the case, read on!

What’s the point of not talking to your ex for several months? Know that you cannot improvise yourself as a coach in regaining love and that as a reader, you must sort out the relevant information that you can read and those that have absolutely no meaning and that you will, unfortunately, find in abundance. on the Web. Be careful not to do anything because it is about winning back your love. Remember that you have little or no room for mistakes after a breakup or divorce.

If you think that it is by breaking all ties for several months that you will be able to create the lack and show him that he really loves you, then you are on the wrong track and I invite you to turn back very quickly. I’ll be clear, ignoring your ex for a semester won’t pay off, on the contrary, it might do you a disservice.

An American scientific study shows that it takes 3 weeks or 21 full days for a situation to become a habit. In other words, if you don’t miss your ex after about a month then they’ll never miss you again. Be careful not to jump to conclusions, I’m not saying that if you don’t get your ex back after that time, everything is over.

Simply, you should not blindly turn off the ignition without a clear purpose. Go back a bit and re-read the two questions that I asked you to remember in the introduction and that I will repeat here:

Remember, before any action to win back love, you must really ask yourself “Why are you carrying out this action?” “And above all” What will it produce in my ex? “.

I can assure you that you are going to have to fight to get your ex back and that nothing will be easy. Yes, the “No contact rule” is not an easy technique to implement especially when you are emotionally dependent (it is not an insult but an observation!), But it seems necessary, not to say essential in order to create a distance that will allow you to act effectively in the near future.

You can therefore note that the ideal duration for a period of SR is around 1 month. Beyond that, it will be necessary to judge on a case-by-case basis whether or not to maintain silence with his ex.

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From the moment you start Radio Silence to pick up an ex or an ex, I recommend that you ask yourself the following question: “What will be my next action?” “. During a reconquest, it is necessary to always anticipate to avoid falling into a trap or doubting.

Radio silence or zero contact period with your ex is a crucial step in demonstrating your ability to take a distance, to let him breathe after the various crises that your couple has endured. It is, therefore, necessary to understand that RADIO SILENCE IS AN ACTION.

For many of you, taking action to get your ex back means mostly saying “I love you” or even worse “I’m going to change! “. Realize that making promises during this time is very bad!

In reality, not or no longer contacting your ex is an action in itself. You make the choice to take a step back and initiate an insightful reflection that will lead you to success.

I would immediately like to reverse the title of this title because, in reality, radio silence is required in almost all situations except one. It is for this reason that the real question to be asked is the following: in which situation should you especially not use radio silence? If you know my philosophy a little, you will necessarily know what I am referring to!

And I can tell you that this is a question that is worth gold because almost one in three people who consult me ​​is in this situation. So I imagine that you are wondering if you are one of the people who must cut off the contact to make their ex react or not!

To find out, it’s very simple, you just need to remember the start date of your love affair. If your relationship is recent, then it is recommended not to set up radio silence because you must imperatively direct your love recovery on another axis. There is no point in creating a gap with your ex because there are more effective techniques in these conditions.

On the other hand, if your story is longer, radio silence will have an interesting impact as long as you practice it the right way.

To distinguish between a long or a short story, the duration is of course important, but it is not the only criterion to be taken into consideration and this is the reason why I prefer not to pronounce a duration without having been able to get some items.

If you want to get a personalized study, leave a comment at the bottom of this article with some details about your story and I will let you know if SR is useful for you or if you need to direct your recovery towards other actions. Otherwise, you also have the possibility of getting answers to your questions immediately by accessing my special program for knowing how to make perfect radio silence.

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I am fully aware that on the day you read these lines, you are hoping that Radio Silence causes an unbearable craving in your ex-partner. However, this is not the first quality of this method because rare is the ex to return following a lack of contact.

On the other hand, it is the best technique to use to launch its reconquest and give weight to its next actions. Take a closer look at the situation. You were constantly in the forbidden by crying, by getting angry or by expressing your feelings, then overnight you manage to cut the bridges, to work on your person by reading the articles of this site and by documenting you,

I am even convinced that you were considering picking up your phone to contact me but that you changed your mind at the last moment. Do not hesitate, I can help you to face this rupture, and the fact of considering coaching to start a good radio silence is probably the best idea you’ve had since announcing your breakup. Obviously, the next action will have a far more powerful impact than anything you have put in place so far and your ex will inevitably listen to you.

The objective of this method to stop talking to your ex is therefore to take time to rebuild yourself and to prepare well for your resumption of contact. To wait without doing anything for your ex to have enlightenment and that he thinks that you are the ideal person is in reality not to attempt anything, and I regret to tell you that by doing so you will not be in. the framework of the amorous reconquest. I often take an example during my telephone consultations and I would like to write it to you to illustrate my point.

Your friends, family, or even yourself probably think like this: “If my ex loves me he will come back” but in reality, if your ex still loves you, he doesn’t make the decision to leave overnight.

From experience, I can guarantee you that to reconnect with your ex, sending a handwritten letter to your former companion or former companion after a radio silence of 3 weeks to a month is an ultra-powerful action! You can’t imagine how much everything can change. You will have the opportunity to regain control of the situation and no longer be on hold with your ex. You can even achieve a form of reverse dependency.

Can you imagine? It will be your ex who asks you to take him back. No, I’m not exaggerating, you can read the comments to see that it works. Of course, this is not always the case, it is even the minority of cases, but reverse addiction is the situation that nearly two in ten people experience, which is still enormous after a breakup!

Silence and the letter are simply the two best actions (to be studied depending on your situation) and they deserve special attention.

There are certain situations in which Radio Silence should never last too long, this is what I call “distance taking”.

The question I get most frequently is, “Vladimir, are you sure if I take some distance it won’t scare my ex away?” “And you should also know that in some cases the situation is more serious” Even if my ex has already found another person? “.

There isn’t much of a difference because in either case, you don’t have to take the initiative to contact your ex-partner for several days. If your ex is already in a relationship, then it is necessary to stick to the duration a little higher before coming back with a stable and real plan for change.

Either way, I can guarantee that if you contact your ex every day, that doesn’t mean that he won’t take a step back or have other romantic encounters.

What I want you to understand is that this decision is up to your ex regardless of your attitude. Radio silence never pushes one person into the arms of another, it is the negative past that takes care of it. So if you think the SR is bad for your win back, I’ll just tell you one thing:

“If you don’t change your behavior you can’t get your ex back!” “

Just look at where you are now and think back to the past. Still haven’t gotten your ex back? Then it is that something does not correspond to his expectations.

Make a commitment to flee for 10, 15, or 25 days in order to refocus on yourself. Question yourself and determine your future attitude along with the appropriate actions. You will see that your ex will be much more receptive or receptive and that you will manage to reweave the links!

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