What To Do When a Cancer Man Ignores You?

what to do when a cancer man ignores you picture
what to do when a cancer man ignores you picture

Wondering what to do when a cancer man ignores you? Are you wondering why he got cold? Maybe you’re looking for a strategy to get his attention back?

Well, in this article, we’re going to show you the reasons a Cancer man might ignore you and what you can do to change that.

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What To Do When a Cancer Man Ignores You?

Unfortunately, one of the best qualities of a typical Cancer person can also be his downfall. He is perhaps one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, and it is often his sensitivities that are the main cause whenever he gives the silent treatment to his girlfriend. Here is a list of reasons that could stem from the sensitive nature that makes him ignore you:

  1. You hurt his feelings

The biggest reason a Cancer person would ever ignore his girlfriend is that she somehow hurt his feelings. Unfortunately, due to his sensitivity, this can happen quite often and for a variety of reasons.

While this can be frustrating, it can make them more likely to ignore you if you at least understand that their behavior shouldn’t be hurtful towards you. It’s more that he has no idea how to act differently when he’s hurt. When you’re in an otherwise healthy relationship, he will know that your intentions were not malicious, so he will use his quiet time to make peace with them on his mind.

Plus, he might give you the silent treatment because it’s his version of recoil — much like getting a snakebite or wasp sting. A Cancer person’s reactions to hurt feelings are similar.

2. He wants some space

Because of their sensitivity, a Cancer man has a lot of emotions in their head that are sometimes difficult to process. This is only amplified when he’s in a relationship with a woman he loves as he deals with feelings of pleasure and attraction, in addition to the more negative emotions that a relationship can sometimes evoke — jealousy, for example.

A Cancer guy may want some space to clear his head and clear his mind. By ignoring you, your grumpy friend’s zodiac sign is actually giving himself time off with the intent of being a better friend when he reconnects with you.

As always, if you’ve been ignored by the Cancer man you love very much, you don’t want it to be repeated. Unfortunately, due to their emotional state, it can happen again and again. So you need to ask yourself whether this is what you want or are happy within your relationship. If not, you may need to think about letting him know how you are feeling.

3. He thinks you take him for granted

A Cancer man likes to feel that his feelings are reciprocated in any relationship he is in — especially when it goes well with someone he truly loves. While this is understandable — no one will ever want to be in a relationship where they know they are in love with someone well beyond what is being returned — it can make you take them for granted at times, but accidentally.

That’s because, for the slightest reason, they think that you’re not giving him back all the things he thinks he is providing for you. This can be tricky to work with as you may really like or love him, but don’t just show it the way they’d like. This is difficult to correct without speaking to him directly. So remember to open the lines of communication.

4. He’s not sure about your relationship

One of the most annoying reasons your Cancer person might have for ignoring you is that they are unsure of your relationship and take the time to think about whether or not things are going well. He will do this in a thorough and considered way, but that doesn’t make it any less hurtful to you — especially if this relationship is something you are invested in.

Remember, even if he takes the time to properly know if he wants this relationship to last, your feelings and thoughts are just as justified. If you don’t think his behavior is warranted, let him know. Yes, it might hurt feelings, but the silent treatment he gives you is already hurting yours.

Also, remember that you have a lot to give to the right person and that something is out of your control. If, after his quiet time, he decides that he wants to get out of the relationship, trust that you will find happiness with someone else elsewhere.

5. He is going through tough times elsewhere in his life

Cancers are the most emotionally charged signs and they are most likely to withdraw into themselves on a regular basis.

It will not be you who is the cause of his problems and silence every time. The Cancer guy may let others hurt their feelings or be under stress that causes them not to speak to you or someone else. There can be something wrong in his life that has nothing to do with you.

As always with the silent treatment, this can be frustrating. Especially when he never thought of telling you what is unduly bothering him. Be confident in your manner as his girlfriend that your support will help him to overcome this and make things look much better in his life.

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When a Cancer man ignores you, it can be a very tiring time, causing you as much stress as they are going through. So what should you do if he is not talking to you and you want his behavior to stop — and as soon as possible?

If you want to get back into the good books with your Cancer man, playing hard to get them can be a good idea. It’s almost like fighting fire with fire. If he is ignoring you, make sure that you are not immediately available to him if he wants to contact you.

By not being available to him, the great thing about this approach is that when he comes back to you and asks for forgiveness, or at least speaks to you again, he will think twice about ignoring you again.

By playing hard to get, he is faced with a reality of life without you or you go out with someone else. This is not what a Cancer person is going to like at all, so hopefully, he will make a 180 change in his previous actions and be the most attentive friend you have ever known.

If you don’t like the idea of ​​playing hard and want to take a closer look at your cancer man’s behavior, it’s a good idea to just talk to him about his silence. He may believe his behavior is justified, but he also doesn’t want to be the one to upset you. If you don’t tell him directly that he is making you unhappy, he may not know that he is causing you pain.

With that in mind, sit down with him face to face to talk about the problem that is causing him to ignore you in the first place. It will likely turn out to be some misunderstanding or something trivial that you can easily work through, especially if you talk to him about it quickly. If you let his silent antics fester, the situation can get a lot worse than it needs to be.

A good sign to indicate to your Cancer man if he ignores you, that you won’t tolerate this behavior from him, is simply to make plans without them.

This can be a very powerful and proactive way to get your relationship going again and moving in the direction you want. Things may seem a little strange to you at first. You are always used to doing things with your Cancer guy, but you will soon get used to it. It can also add a little more balance to your relationship.

If your Cancer man is ignoring you, you can give him an ultimatum — either stop the silent treatment or you walk away so you can find someone.

Usually one of the things is to stay away from an ultimatum in a relationship. However, sometimes when a Cancer guy ignores you, there is very little other room for maneuver. You can be sure that this will not help you get back to his good books, as an ultimatum is something that a man usually cannot stand.

However, when you confront him in such blatant ways, you are giving him the choice of either massively changing his behavior into something you’d be happy with or breaking up so he can date someone who doesn’t mind the silent treatment.

Aside from playing hard and planning without him, giving him space to tackle the silent treatment is a really proactive option. A sign like crab needs time off to ponder and understand his feelings. By instantly giving him the space he needs when he’s not talking to you, he’ll eventually like the balance of the relationship even better.

This is because he appreciates your sympathy for his personality traits and is more comfortable with you in giving him the ability to know that he can be alone himself. If he is struggling to deal with his heightened emotions, then he needs to take time to think things through for himself.

If you love your Cancer man and you want him to know, let him know you have nowhere to go even if he ignores you. It can give him the much-needed stability that he needs to know to feel safe in a relationship with a woman.

Perhaps one of the toughest things to do when your boyfriend is not talking to you — but if you are serious about this guy, you have to love him — warts and everything. So with a Cancer man, that would mean having to deal with his very excited character, where you might feel like they are overly dramatic.

Respond to his silent treatment with as much love as you can muster and he will see this as a clear sign that you are serious about him.

When your friend ignores you, it can be so frustrating and hurtful that you often forget to ask why they are not talking to you in the first place. With cancer, however, you can use His Sign to stay one step ahead and prevent your feelings of injury from getting worse and worse, causing even more problems in your relationship.

This is a problem that so many couples suffer from, who often get angry with a partner for one reason or another, and it is this anger that ignites a situation. This is problematic because problems that arise in a relationship are sometimes not necessarily big things, but when not discussed, they become so much bigger than they need to be. If you do not deal with problems, you may be a lot more unhappy in your partnership than you need to be in the years to come.

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