When a Sagittarius Man ignores You — What is Wrong with Him or You?

When a Sagittarius Man ignores You image
When a Sagittarius Man ignores You image

What are the reasons when a Sagittarius man ignores you? Sagittarius is probably the most independent zodiac around. They’re freedom hunters and enjoy being simply by themselves. Sagittarius isn’t the type of person that likes being told to do.

This is an admirable feature, however, it indicates it’s difficult to make a Sagittarius commit.

When a Sagittarius Man ignores You

1. He isn’t prepared to be fully open
Sagittarius self-reliance indicates they love to go at their very own pace. He might not prepare yet to be closer with you, therefore he takes his own time. It may appear like he is ignoring you, however, he is learning about you bit by bit.

How to proceed: Go along with his pace and stay patient. Independent individuals want to be given space.

2. He detected your hidden motive
Considering that Sagittarius is intuitive, he might have pondered why you approached him. Plus your reason is not very good according to him. Perhaps he is wealthy and popular, and he feels you do not like him genuinely.

How to proceed: In case your motive is superficial, then you need to change it. If it isn’t what he thinks, you have to convince him that you’ve no ill intention, let him know that you accept him bad and good, that you simply want to offer your love. Gain his trust slowly.

3. He is hurt
Maybe you have hurt him unintentionally. Considering that Sagittarius is reserved with their feelings, they will always remain silent and ignore you if they are hurt.

How to proceed: Discuss it delicately and in case you did do something which makes him feel hurt, apologies to him.

4. He is afraid to commit
Maybe you have pushed him into a commitment. Be it simply being your boyfriend, engagement, or marriage. Sagittarius isn’t comfortable to commit. He will not express it, therefore he pulls away from you.

How to proceed: avoid pressuring him to commit, provide him time to think about.

5. He finds you not fun
He loves adventure, and to him, you aren’t the adventurous type. Also, he is smart, however, he feels you aren’t able to handle his wittiness. He is spontaneous and loves getting outdoors, while you are inactive.

How to proceed: Be fun. Go out more, Have hobbies, and enjoy life. When he notices you being excited about your interests and hobbies, he will find you difficult to ignore.

6. He feels you are that type of human who will get easily offended
Sagittarius’ humorous remarks can be tough for certain people. At times, they are quite sarcastic. If he no more makes any joke when he is together with you, there exists a chance that he thinks you wouldn’t appreciate his joke.

How to proceed: Be cool on the harsh statement. He will view you as somebody who emotionally strong and can deal with sarcasm properly.

When a Sagittarius Man ignores You — What is Wrong with Him or You? by Theresa Alice

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