When a Taurus Man Goes Quiet — Is he hurt?

When a Taurus Man Goes Quiet image
When a Taurus Man Goes Quiet image

What happens when a Taurus man goes quiet? Is he hurt? They’re good at concealing their feelings, making it hard to realize when they’re hurt. Hence, in case you are in a relationship with a Taurus man sometimes you will not understand how he is actually feeling as he never ever speaks about it.

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When a Taurus Man Goes Quiet

Taurus is known as very calm, patient, grounded and tolerant. However, if he is hurt, he is often sensitive and overreacts. He also can at times get angry quickly, which will make them hold grudges for a long period.

He’ll ignore you

When a Taurean man is annoyed he almost never expresses his thoughts. As a result, he’s prone to go quiet.

When he is upset, he’s more likely to turn off and pull away till he calms down. He’s the kind of person who has to think things through. In the event you observe that your Taurus guy is quieter than usual he may not be withdrawing from you.

He could possibly have various other things on his thoughts which he will have to straighten out. And here, you must be capable to read his emotions. He requires privacy to think, however, you should also slowly draw him away from himself to find out what exactly is disturbing him.

It is necessary that you make an effort to have a discussion with him to enable you to deal with the issues which are troubling him. However you should not pressure him to discuss something till he’s completely ready.

He’ll hold a grudge

In case you wronged him, your relationship probably will encounter issues as he usually has difficulty forgiving for existing and previous mistakes.

Therefore, if he is offended he’s gonna re-experience the anger, agony, and annoyance over again in his head when he recalls what you have done to him.

He’s impatient

Taurus males are considered to be really patient. Nevertheless, when he is angry, he is likely to get rather intolerant and impatient.

Therefore, he will expect you to provide fast replies to any questions which he may ask you.

He is more likely to get very angry when you fail to take action he requested you to do something. Or else, should you not understand something he is saying, he’ll appear short and impatient.

Love towards you reduces

Taurus guys demonstrate their love through touch, consisting of hugging, kissing and cuddling. Even so, he is very likely to lose interest and disengage and disengage in intimacy when he is upset.

Put simply, he’ll not want to hug, kiss or even hold your hand when you’re on an outing, or perhaps at home.

Therefore, when your Taurus partner is exhibiting this sort of behavior, something’s not right and that’s the reason why he is neglecting you.

He doesn’t reply to your phone calls or texting

Taurus males are not as good at text messages or calling. On the other hand, if a Taurus man is in his very best mood, he’s gonna keep phoning or messaging you simply to learn how you are doing.

Therefore, if out of nowhere your Taurus lover isn’t speaking with you or initiating chats through text message or telephone call, it’s a certain signal that he’s upset concerning something.

At this moment, you need to stay calm and pick your moment to talk about what is bothering him.

He requests time to be alone

Even when they’re happy, Taurus guys love having time for themselves. On the other hand, when he is angry, he’s gonna be alone since he isn’t keen on arguing.

As a result, if you’ve had a conflict with him, and he requires space, he’s most likely upset and requires time to cool down.

He is not attentive when both of you talk

Taurus guys considered to be great listeners. As a result, he’ll probably often listen to you when he knows that something is vital to you.

On the other hand, if he is upset, he is more likely to keep changing topics or perhaps disturb you whenever you communicate.

What’s more, he’s prone to find excuses for leaving when you are having a discussion.

He gets hypercritical

A Taurus guy is known as very logical naturally. On the other hand, when he is upset he is likely to end up hypercritical of all things you do.

Put simply, you’re more likely to observe that he is not saying anything positive about you, or to you.


Taurus men don’t like showing their feelings, which could make it extremely difficult for you to tell when he is upset.

The guidelines above will definitely enable you to evaluate what is happening in his mind. Anyway, he will not do it all the time as he actually doesn’t like to play games.

Try to understand that he likes to handle things rather slowly, thus have patience enough and provide him time to recognize that you’re the right girl for him. Just be who you are, and stay confident.

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