When He Pulls Away, Do Nothing?

When he pulls away, do nothing image
When he pulls away, do nothing image

When he pulls away, do nothing? A man pulling away implies numerous things, and not always that your relationship is in problems.

Women who asked this question fall under 2 categories: 1) Those involved with a relationship and the boyfriend is withdrawing; or 2) Women casually dating a guy and pondering why his interest has slowed.

Even though those situations are very much the same, they are different enough to be worth handling separately.

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When He Pulls Away, Do Nothing?

1. Don’t panic.
Your relationship is not over!

Sometimes it is a normal part of being a guy to pull back.

From time to time, they struggle with work, family, health, or perhaps their mental status can cause them to feel like they are failing you as a man.

Men usually cope with those situations by retreating back to their inner resources to reaffirm they are able to manage things without having to rely on you or other people. It is a moment to consolidate, rethink, and return for you stronger than ever before.

The guy does not want you to panic about the relationships when this is happening. Let him know that you are there to support him is essential. Of course, he may also be rethinking or losing interest in the relationship. However, you freaking out won’t help out with that situation, also.

2. Give him space and let him know you’re there for him

Let him know clearly that you’re there for him, then leave it. Just state, “Okay, well I am here for you whenever you need. Chat with me at any time.” Then leave it.

Provide him space to think his stuff.

3. Focus on you.
It can be tough if you have gotten used to him filling your free time, and now you are giving him space.

You need to Focus on yourself now.

Be it work, a leisure activity, your personal goals, or friends, this is the time to place a focus on anything that makes you a prize catch yourself. This provides him space to regroup and come back to you, at the same time providing you a different focus that enhances your own self-worth.

4. Keep on, until…
When you focus on yourself and keep him reassured you are there for him, 1 of 3 things will occur.

- He will find his confidence again, get his things taken care of, and bounce back to you. Eventually, when he is in a better condition, both of you can discuss the thing that was getting to him and what he requires from you down the road if the same situation happens.

- He will continue being closed off, and/or give up the relationship. If he does not come straight out and end it but remains shut off, sooner or later, you will need to determine if this is something you will accept in a companion.

- He will talk to you about the issue. If he is willing to handle it with you and takes action for it, there is a pretty good chance both of you can work out.

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In many instances, a man pulling away during the early dating indicates he was getting too much pressure from you, or is simply not feeling it.

However, there are also other possibilities. There will probably be family, health, or work issues happening that you’re mistaking for disinterest. Therefore, it is crucial you do not push him even further.

  1. You should not put pressure him (particularly through SMS text message).

Since you’re not likely to have as much regular accessibility to the guy in the casual dating scenario, therefore, the temptation to text and send him long essays regarding your feelings, questioning him what you have done wrong and how you can correct it is there.

Avoid this no matter what.

You will just push him further away if he is losing interest or attempting to distance himself by constant messaging. You need to let him come to you.

2. Provide him space for a few days to determine if his ‘pulling back’ is real.

At times, the guy you are seeing might actually be hit by a temporary tsunami of life and you think he is pulling back. You don’t know the person as well In the casual dating scenario, therefore misreads the situation. therefore not to panic… you can actually push a guy away when there would be absolutely nothing wrong.

As mentioned previously, you need to keep the pressure off him. However, that does not imply you cannot let him know you are there for him.

Sending him a quick SMS message saying, “I hope things are well. Will be great to chat soon. Be sure to tell me if there is anything I’m able to assist with.”

Since this text is just an offer and not a question, it won’t put pressure on him. If it’s a problem that has nothing related to you, it provides him permission to come to you of his very own free will whenever it feels good for him.

Keep in mind, get it done once, then leave it.

4. Focus on you.

Supposing no or little response comes, then it is time for you to take your focus off him. Dealing with somebody losing interest in you, you tend to forget our own value, so now you need to focus on yourself.

Focus on yourself is the best action you can take. It will not only provide him space he most likely requires, but it will also bring you back to becoming the most attractive, self-assured, and powerful woman you can be.

5. Reinitiate and showing interest.

After spending some time focusing on yourself, you’re ready to see where he’s at If things still haven’t been clarified. Send him a positive message concerning your life which makes your interest clear and offers him another chance to engage.

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