Why Do Men Come Back After No Contact? 4 Reasons

Why Do Men Come Back After No Contact image
Why Do Men Come Back After No Contact image

Wondering Why Do Men Come Back After No Contact? Most of the time if you choose to stop all contact with a man, he WILL come back. In past statistics, it’s correct. Guys normally cave in first and come back after sufficient time passes.

This “no contact” rule usually works when coping with the ex you still love. There isn’t any commitment level needed. Guys usually come after you, should you decide to go quiet for a short while.

Go on and test it, in case you are in doubt.

It’s basically man’s instinct, for example, that your friends will begin to think of you if you decide to lay low. They’ll ponder whether something’s going on, something bad or something good. Or perhaps they may ponder whether they said something to make you upset. That’s man’s instinct.

At the same time, if you’re referring to men there’s also another element. They are enthusiastic about giving attention to girls, in particular when they’re attracted strongly.

Behind a man’s mind, he’s always thinking:

“Did I give up too early?”
“What if she would like me to text her first?”
“Is she’s thinking of me?”
“Is she testing me to find out if I’ll respond first?”

And so forth. That’s continuously going through a guy’s mind. It’s the case with ex-boyfriends who’ve loved you before and are still unclear about how they feel.

The chances are to your benefit. Brighten up…this is all gonna work out to help you!

Why do guys chase girls? When is he likely to get in touch with you if he hasn’t made his move yet?

To begin with, know that guys are programmed to chase girls. They usually make the first move. They’re normally the ones who pursue. Guys enjoy “chasing women”, given that they enjoy feeling like sexy, romantic, and adventurous lovers.

They only get tired when a woman doesn't give them a positive response. Their instincts change from “I need to speak to this lady and impress her!” to “Oh she does not like me.”

When the lady he’s chasing displays favor to him, he will chase and last and last!

Why Hasn’t my ex Come Back Yet?

The NO CONTACT period can last longer than you imagine. In case your ex-boyfriend hasn’t approached you yet, don’t worry over it. Ex-boyfriends require a longer “purging” time, however, they still stop by to find out how you’re doing. Single guys do respond earlier than your ex, however, the theory is identical.

Why Do Men Come Back After No Contact?

So, when will he come back?

1. He’ll return when he discovers he has no more freedom to speak to you openly and on a regular basis. He desires it back.
Males are drawn to independence and freedom. The thought of him “losing you” will have an effect on his pride and his want to recover what he used to have.

2. He’ll come back when the “mystery” of you gets to be more powerful than the “old you”.

Males are naturally drawn to the “unknown”, instead of what’s familiar. They like anticipation. When he discovers that there’s a “New You” who is different from the ‘old you’, he’ll be just as drawn to you like a totally new woman.

3. He’ll return when he discovers that his past relationship with you does not have proper closure.

He desires to fix the relationship, he hopes to regain your friendship, he desires to make things right. This is the desire that many guys have to “repair things.” He will text you a message out of nowhere when he discovers he still wants to be part of your life and feels like there’s unfinished business.

4. He’ll come back when he discovers that you are becoming predictable.
In the event you chase him, his natural impulse to “come back” won’t be there. You are getting predictable. When you change the pattern and choose not to pursue him in any way, you become unpredictable. He will take notice.

At this point we assume that he does not hate you (and the majority of men do not) he’ll feel that let-down, that feeling of curiosity and loss. Which is generally enough to encourage him to reach out to you again.

If a guy still has good associations with you, and undoubtedly if he still loves you, he’ll sooner or later stop the “shunning” and get in touch with you. It is the macho move to make ultimately. To remain a part of your life, to ensure you are doing fine, to maintain the friendship going, this is exactly what guys want, no matter if which involves sex or otherwise not.

Before You Go…

Guys are most likely to make the first contact. Now you ask, can you create attraction again by providing him more of what he desires? Don’t merely attract your guy. You shouldn’t be content with allowing him to contact you every now and then. Encourage him to chase you and he’ll almost certainly do it.

Why Do Men Come Back After No Contact? 4 Reasons by Theresa Alice

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