Why Does My Ex Want to Be Friends?

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why does my ex want to be friends image

Ever ask yourself, why does my ex want to be friends? This is how you can get your ex back and transform it into a relationship.

In the beginning, you might have thought it was a good idea, but now a few days, weeks or months later you are sorry. You suddenly see that you also had good moments and you miss them. He or she was always there for you if you needed him and you complimented each other. Why did the relationship end?

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Why Does My Ex Want to Be Friends? And What led to the end of your relationship?

Nobody stands up with the thought: Yes, today I am going to end my relationship. They have often thought about this, or you yourself have thought about it at the time. Or something must have happened very drastically, such as cheating, and in that case, you have to ask yourself whether it would be wise to take this person back.

In any case, you or your ex did not decide that it was over one day after the other. And you know that yourself. You probably knew for a long time that the end was coming before the words; “It’s over,” took the mouth, or was told. And there was probably a reason for that at the time.

First, consider whether the problems that caused it to go out are now solved. Does he or she still have such a short fuse, are you still so jealous, do you still not have the same interests at all? These are things that you have to take into consideration. If you are still going to make the same mistakes and still don’t match, it might not be wise to start a relationship again.

It is also important whether you like the person you were with him or her better than the person you are now. In the end, it is all about getting better from a relationship instead of worse.

Also, make sure you do not lose yourself in it. You are not a unity, you are two different people with different opinions and separate lives sharing a relationship. Only if you think this will work this time is it wise to follow the following tips.

Only when you spend a lot of time with someone, will you be able to judge whether you really fit this person with you. Of course, you already know each other, but try to objectively assess whether they have changed in a positive way since you had a relationship. Try to get to know each other again, to start in a whole new way.

Also, try to see through physical attraction. Is it purely the desire for sex, because of the attraction that is just between you. Or is it perhaps just the feeling that you had in a relationship that you are missing, that sense of certainty and perhaps also security? You don’t have to do it for this. You get over it. Only do it for him or her as a person.

Don’t make yourself more fun than you actually are. This will be counterproductive since he or she already knows how you really work. So do not act as if you have improved your entire life if none of this is true. Sooner or later he will notice this and it will only go wrong again.

Show that you have changed in a positive way anyway. After all, you must have changed a little to make any relationship work at all. Because if you both put together exactly the same thing, the relationship won’t work either. Show that you are less bossy, or that you are less indulgent and that you occasionally return gas. Show that you have fixed your mistakes from the past and are now tackling it a lot better.

He or she must be able to trust that they can fall back on you and that you are indeed someone who can make a relationship work. So show that you can change and want to fight for it. If the old sparks are still there, they will eventually jump.

Give him or her space and make sure that he can breathe. This way you not only ensure that he or she is not annoyed by you, but also that they will even miss you at a given moment. It is not about the number of hours you spend together, but about the quality. If the time they spend with you is just a lot of fun every time but does not last too long, he or she will eventually desire more time with you. And that is exactly what you want.

In this sense, sometimes accept a no. Just because they do not want to meet sometime does not mean that they have zero interest in you. It may also be that they simply have something else to do. After all, you don’t want them to have any life besides you.

In addition; so do not hesitate to say no once. This way you only show that you still have a life next to him or her and that you are not desperate. That is only more attractive.

You’ve done it before, so that means you know how to do it. But now you know it better. You know what they like and don’t like. You know what his or her favorite places are and how they are put together. Make use of this. Of course, you don’t have to copy your old relationship exactly, but you do know which places you can go to and which you can’t. This is also the chance to try new things.

Moreover, you have now spent some time without him or her and learned some new things that he or she does not know or know yet. You do not have to worry about using this knowledge, they will probably find it refreshing. It is, therefore, the intention that you make it exciting again. You also don’t know what your ex has learned in the meantime. So, see this as something positive!

It is probably confusing enough for your friends that it was drama first, it went out and you are busy again. You can also expect a lot of comments that you don’t feel like at all. It doesn’t hurt to listen to them from time to time, because they see it from a different perspective, But don’t always start talking about it yourself.

Be aware of this if you have many friends because you will only start a gossip circuit. This is very unpleasant for both of you. Moreover, you will only seem desperate if you hear from your friends that you are constantly talking about him/her. That, of course, is by no means attractive and will only have the opposite effect on you.

In any case, doing pathetic is a very bad idea. If the other person has decided, they are prepared for the aftermath of you feeling bad about it and missing them. They may even expect a few tasteful messages. So don’t do this. Show that you can manage without them.

He or she may know that you didn’t like it when they broke up, but don’t send your ex how much you miss him/her (not even in a drunken mood). That has no effect.

If you decided it yourself at the time and you are now suddenly sending all your ex-pensive messages, he or she will not know what to do with it. With this, you will chase your ex away. So, build it up quietly and show that you enjoy spending time with him/her, but that you can also manage your life well when your ex is not there.

Why Does My Ex Want to Be Friends? What you can do again is to show that you are indeed interested in other people, and they are also in you. This does not mean that you have to have a lot of one-night stands and tell them about it, that goes too far. With this, you also send a message that you do not want to send; that you are easy to get.

But you can flirt with other people. Someone who is also found attractive by others is also a lot more attractive in the eyes of others. This makes you interesting and desirable. But don’t overdo it, because then he or she will think that you enjoy your new single life and that you don’t want them back. Then they will try to forget you, and you don’t want that.

Make sure he or she has to hunt for you. The trick is not to be uninterested, but don’t be too keen. Don’t always be the first to send a message, don’t like everything from them on Facebook. And make sure that he or she asks you out and not the other way around. Make sure you are desirable.

Hunting can also be a lot of fun. It is exciting and ensures that you get butterflies in your stomach again. Let them work, they must first want you before they get you.

A person always remains himself. The fact that they have changed in a positive sense does not mean that they have now adjusted everything you found annoying to them. They are still not perfect. Nobody is perfect after all. Don’t expect this.

Also, do not confront them that they are still making certain mistakes. If you can’t stand this, you might not have had a relationship with them at all, because you knew in advance that it would be like that. Try to appreciate the things that have improved. You want this yourself too because you don’t want to be constantly pointed out for your mistakes. This only leads to a fight. So hold back and take this for granted.

It is very normal to have a fight sometimes. In fact; being as abnormal as never arguing with your partner at all. But keep in mind that the things that happened in your previous relationship have nothing to do with the situation now. So do not attack each other with things that you have messed up in the past, because that will not make anyone happy.

When it appears he or she is not interested, this can sometimes hurt. In this case, it is better not to have a contact for a while and to get over your ex completely. Later on, you can perhaps pick up a possible friendship again. But now you will have to accept that they do not want you back and that this is the end of your history.

There is no more chemistry, and it is now completely over. From this moment you can focus on the future again. This will be fine by itself. Search distraction; work out, pick up a new hobby. Here you all have time for now that you are single. And before you know it, another love is on the doorstep.

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Why Does My Ex Want to Be Friends? by Theresa Alice


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Why Does My Ex Want to Be Friends? by Theresa Alice

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