Why He Moved On So Fast After Our Breakup?

He Moved On So Fast After Our Breakup image
He Moved On So Fast After Our Breakup image

You come across your ex together with his new girlfriend. You assumed you had gotten over him when all of a sudden you get that tremendous feeling of disappointment. You begin to think: Why did he move on so fast after our breakup? Why he got over me so rapidly?

You are feeling betrayed despite the fact that you’re no more together or you were the one that started the break-up at the beginning. Maybe you feel he didn’t love you very much or that she’s the main reason why both of you separated.

Before it becomes over-complicated, try and understand that him moving on too fast, generally, has nothing related to you. In case you overthink, you’ll make it a whole lot worse than it is.

Inhale and focus on the present. In the event you mix the past with the present, the combination of feelings you receive will, in the end, suffocate you.

Moving on too fast doesn’t imply he has forgotten about you. There’s a noticeable difference between moving on too fast and forgetting somebody. Moving on too fast indicates he can continue with his life despite the fact that he didn’t get over you.

Possibly he wanted to move on simply to have some sort of enjoyment for himself as a way to stop thinking about you.

If you’re certain that your love was strong, then know that he did not forget you. Should your love be true, moving on too fast doesn’t indicate he has forgotten you?

It’s merely his method of dealing with it because some individuals are fearful of becoming alone following a break-up. In a relationship, individuals develop their very own routine, and currently, it’s challenging for him to carry on by himself (particularly if you were with each other for a long period).

Moving on too fast is undoubtedly a behavior of his ego-boosting.

He Moved On So Fast After Our Breakup

If he moved on so fast after our breakup, This Is What You Have To Know

It’s just about the same with break-ups too. Regardless of what the reason behind your break-up, he’ll discover himself feeling insulted.

As being exact, his ego will discover itself insulted. He’ll feel as if he has failed to become a real man simply because he couldn’t give you happiness.

If he can’t make a girl happy, it’s an immediate attack on his self-confidence and a man’s most essential thing possession — his ego. At this moment, when he is successful to seduce another girl, it indicates he’s still deserving of being a man and his abilities still operate like a dream.

Therefore, if you discover him suddenly with another girl, it might be an act of his ego-boosting. There’s absolutely nothing that you can do to fix it. You need to recognize that it’s in their twisted nature.

Moving on too fast so as to make you jealous?

Possibly you’re the one that moved on too fast and he’s just letting you know that he’s capable of doing the same.

This may also imply that he’s subtly attempting to make you jealous, particularly if he’s boasting about her and appearing everywhere with his new lady, you’ve every right to believe that he’s doing it to make you jealous.

Currently, the real question is why would he need to make you jealous at the beginning? If he still loves you, would you want to get him back to you?

Why He Moved On So Fast After Our Breakup? by Theresa Alice

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