Will No Contact Make Him Move On — No Contact Rule to Get Him Back (The 30 Day Rule)

What is the 30 Day Rule to Get Your Ex Back? The No Contact Rule to Get Him Back.

The 30-day rule has become increasingly popular. People use the rule more and more to continue after a relationship breakdown or bad relationship or to get an ex back. It is often difficult to get over a relationship. If you want your ex back, you are in an even more difficult situation.

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When you want your ex back, you usually want to prove immediately how good, amazing, and wildly attractive you are. However, you should wait a little longer with this; hence the 30-day rule. You have to give your ex time to think about the relationship and give your ex time to miss you. This article explains what the 30-day rule is and also indicates if it really works!

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What is the 30-day rule’?

The 30-day rule has to do with no contact and leave your ex alone. When we write ‘no contact’, we really don’t mean contact.

Also no small text messages or WhatsApp, a like on Facebook — you leave your ex completely alone!

You may not call, text, lookup, ‘accidentally’ come across your ex, send Facebook messages, or continuously like your ex’s messages. In addition, you may not have contact via shared friends and not post Facebook messages that are clearly directed at your ex.

This may sound like impossible, because how can you get your ex back without having contact? It may sound contradictory, but this is how the 30-day rule works. It is the same as stopping something you are addicted to. You don’t even leave a small dose of your ex back in your life, because even a small dose of your ex can make you addicted.

Why do you have to follow the 30-day rule?

Now, of course, you are still just addicted to your ex and you may not see the problem of this. In your case, it is likely that your ex has put an end to the relationship. Your ex does not need contact with you for a while.

By constantly pushing you on to your ex he or she will definitely not want you back and will irritate you. You have to make sure that your ex will miss you and maybe contact you again.

It is also important for yourself to learn to live without your ex. Now, of course, you don’t want that and you wonder why this should be while you want your ex back. This is because unless you learn to live without them, you most likely come across as needy and desperate. This is very unattractive for your ex.

Nobody wants to be in a relationship with a needy and desperate person. If you want to get your ex back, then you will have to be confident and happy and, even better, actually happy. This will certainly be difficult in the beginning, but if you really want your ex back then it should be fine!

What should I do during the 30 days?

It is of course difficult enough not to have contact with your ex for 30 days. When you start thinking about your ex all day, it becomes even more difficult. That’s why you just have to live your life in these 30 days. Look for things that make you happy and that make you feel better.

It is important that you become your own best friend and take care of yourself because nobody else is going to do this for you.

The 30 days that you have no contact with your ex are the days to make yourself a confident and happy person. So take your chance to do this.

In fact, you don’t need your ex at all; you may want your ex, but you don’t need him or her. You should really become aware of this within these 30 days. After all, there is a big difference between wanting something and needing something.

Of course, this change in perspective does not come overnight. You may first have quite a few days that you sit on the couch like a sack of salt, but after this, you really have to continue. There are three categories that are important during the 30-day rule. These will be discussed briefly below.

Category 1: Physical activities

The most important during the 30 days are physical activities. There are several reasons for this. Being active releases endorphins, which makes you feel better. In addition, it will naturally bring you into shape, making you feel a lot more confident.

In addition, after the 30-day rule because of the physical activities that you have done, it is also easier to get on your ex. You can tell him or her how well you have been doing and that you have hardly thought of him or her. It went really well with you during the past period and you are a new person.

Your ex will certainly be impressed by this and may want to hear a little more about your ‘new me’ at a next appointment.

It is good to do at least one physical activity per day. This does not have to be super long; you can also do a short exercise. Certainly, when you have just started exercising, it is not smart to start training hard. Start slowly and build it up slowly otherwise it will soon no longer be fun.

Examples of physical activities that you can undertake are yoga, jogging, cardio or just going to the gym. Find out what you enjoy doing and start with it. This is the start of an easier 30-day period!

Category 2: Social activities

Of course, you don’t just have to work out in the 30 days without contact. After the break-up, you probably only want to sit at home on the couch and feel miserable. Yet you have to force yourself to do something fun and have a good time with friends and family.

Your friends will let you know that they will always be there for you and that you are still wanted and loved by them. Whatever happens, your friends and family will be there for you and you should appreciate this too. By doing fun things with them, you will feel better and let them know that you appreciate how they take care of you in this difficult period.

It is also good to go on a date during the 30-day rule. Of course, you don’t have to enter into a relationship with this person; this is not what you want. However, a few dates can give you a confidence boost. It shows that not only your ex finds you attractive, but also other people.

After the 30-day rule, also let your ex know for sure that you have been on a number of dates.

You show your ex this way that you have gone further. He or she realizes that you will not remain single forever and that if he or she wants you back, action must be taken. Do not try to talk about your ex during the dates or make a comparison with your ex. You are simply on a date to become more self-confident!

If you are too obsessed with your ex, don’t go on a date. In that case, it is better to only spend time with your loved ones. Only go on date when you feel that you are thinking less about your ex. Do what you feel comfortable with, but don’t contact your ex at all!

Category 3: Relaxing activities

You don’t have to be busy all day with sports and also social activities. You also need time to relax and to be able to relax. You go through a tough time in your life and you try to deal with it in the best way possible. This is not easy. It is therefore good to reward yourself with a relaxing activity.

Look at what gives you a relaxing feeling. This can also be a sport for you. However, it can also be a warm bath or a nature walk. So choose something that makes you happy and that makes you feel comfortable. Relaxation is a must in the 30 days!

Does the 30 Day Rule really work to get your ex back?

Whether the 30 Day Rule will work for you is hard to say. It depends on how you broke up, but also to what extent your ex is open to reuniting your love. You can, of course, want so much, but you don’t always get what you want.

However, research has shown that people who wait at least 30 days for them to contact their ex again have much more success than people who do so immediately. The 30-day rule is definitely worth a try!

Of course, there are also certain factors that will make your specific 30-day rule different from others. Sometimes you have to adjust the 30-day rule to your specific situation. A number of examples in which the situation may need to be adjusted are:

You have children together

You work together

You still live together

You go to school together

You come across your ex unexpectedly

You still have to exchange property

In the above cases, it is, of course, difficult to ignore your ex. This is therefore not a smart thing to do, because you simply look blunt and mean. It is best to only talk about the things that apply (the children, work, school, etc.). So keep it strictly business.

Talk wisely with your ex if necessary

In this way, you reasonably adhere to the 30-day rule, because you are not trying to get your ex back. You are simply talking about the things that are important and about nothing else. Once the important aspects have been discussed, you immediately leave.

In order to predict in advance whether the 30-day rule will work, it is good to check how the relationship has been broken. Did you break up properly or was this a fight? Has the relationship been broken because you just wanted a break or because he was cheating?

By asking yourself these kinds of things, you probably know the answer to the question of whether you should want your ex back reasonably quickly! However, this also differs per person, so take this into account. We wish you every success in keeping with the 30-day rule and getting your ex back!

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Will No Contact Make Him Move On — No Contact Rule to Get Him Back (The 30 Day Rule) by Theresa Alice

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